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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cryptography - modern threats and new Terms - CLOUD or POST-CLOUD CRYPTOGRAPHY

Copy of My LinkedIn CRYPTO Group article about modern threats and new Terms in Cryptography - CLOUD or POST-CLOUD CRYPTOGRAPHY and POST-CLOUD-QUANTUM Ciphers and crypto algoritms :-)

Hi all,

Main popular Crypto threat now - "Quantum computer", and all cryptographers research in post-quantum cryptography ( see But now we don't have quantum computer "for all" and can't crack existing crypto algoritms with quantum computers. In other side, we now have cloud computing technology and can use it for this purposes.

Cracking Passwords In The Cloud: Amazon’s New EC2 GPU Instances.

I propose to introduce a new terms in cryptography - CLOUD or POST-CLOUD CRYPTOGRAPHY (likes post-quantum). And, the best class of future ciphers and crypto algoritms - POST-CLOUD-QUANTUM :-)

Let's not only focus on "quantum computer" threat.


P.S. System security architects note: we must implement everywhere strong limitation the number of unsuccessful attempts to enter the wrong password/key, doesn't matter wich length of cryptokey you system has.

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